Juno Beach shop

13957 US Hwy 1

Juno Beach FL 33408

(Located in Juno Square Shops)


Loxahatchee Shop

7070 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd. 

Loxahatchee FL. 33470                       (Located in the Publix Plaza Suite 2)


It takes 12 lbs of milk to make 1 gal of Ice cream
Air is a major ingredient in ice cream. Without it, the stuff would be hard as a rock

I love America, we Americans rank #1 in the world for the consumption of ice cream, with an average of 48 pints per year per person.  We  love ice cream so much President Reagan declared July National Ice Cream month, with July 12 National Ice Cream day. God bless the USA.

Loxahatchee Ice Cream Company is a family owned and operated business that understands the meaning of the words " customer service", and "quality". Too often...in today's society these words are just thrown around... and spoken willy-nilly, from people that give the appearance of repeating a word, or a phrase they once heard. We want to win you over with the quality, and goodness of our product. We love it and want you to love it as well, (we are ice cream lovers first and business owners second.) I want each and every guest to taste our ice cream and became an instant fan... ultimately forgetting about and dismissing any other ice cream they might have had in the past!  Once we get you hooked, we then, keep you coming back happy, with friendly and helpful customers service. Easy as that.... Now get off the computer and come visit our store for some ice cream... you know you want to.... LICC HAPPY!

LoxahatcheeIceCream &Coffee; akaLICC...

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Loxahatchee Ice Cream Company