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Brownie Bliss Sundae

Three brownies along side scoops of  ice cream, covered in hot fudge, whipped cream, cookie crumble, topped with a cherry

Hand Packed​



The Sampler

AKA - "Six Pack".

You get six sample size scoops of Ice cream, we dress it up with two toppings,  The perfect choice if you can't seem to choose a flavor, or just want to try something different. 

Cup or Cone

​​Hard Pack or Soft Serve Yogurt 

Small   Medium   Large






12 oz   16 oz   20 oz 

Iced Coffee W/ Coffee Iced Cubes

16 oz   24 oz

Frappe Java 

16 oz   24 oz 

Strawberry Short Cake Sundae 

Three scoops of Ice Cream over sliced pound cake covered with Strawberry topping, whipped cream, and a cherry

Ice Cream 

Premium Hand crafted Ice Cream

Milk Shakes, Malts, & Espresso Shakes

Try one of our Hand Spun thick shakes, or malts made with any flavor(s) of our delicious Ice Cream. Add a shot of espresso and take it to another level.

​Ice Cream Sandwich 

Choose your favorite cookie and your favorite flavor of our premium hard packed ice cream, then dress it up with your choice at the topping station. Its portable and delicious.

Rockin Reese Sundae

​Three scoops of Ice Cream topped with peanut butter cups and peanut butter sauce, whipped cream, Reese pieces and a cherry.

Pre-made or  Custom Cakes

Choose one of our pre-made ice cream cakes from our display case, ready to grab & go


Pick any two of your favorite flavors and we will create a custom ice cream cake you and family will not soon forget.

Special order item requires advance notice (7 days) 


​​Three scoops of Ice Cream,  one topping of your choice (hot fudge, Caramel,  pineapple, Strawberry or marshmallow)  with whipped cream , sprinkles or nuts and of course a cherry on top.


Single    Double

Cappuccino  12oz

Single     Double 

Latte 16 oz

Iced Latte 24 oz 

Flavor Latte and Iced Latte 

Mocha or Caramel 


single scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso, whipped cream, garnished with chocoalate or caramel 


Strawberry, Tropical, Strawberry Banana, & Wild berry

Banana Split

Three scoops ice cream, three toppings (hot fudge, pineapple, strawberry, caramel, or marshmallow), whipped topping with sprinkles or nuts and cherry's on top


Juno Beach shop

13957 US Hwy 1

Juno Beach FL 33408

(Located in Juno Square Shops)


Chai Latte 16 oz

Hot Chocolate 

12 oz    16 oz    20 oz

Italian Ice 

Small    ​Large 

​Fresh Brewed Coffee

Locally Roasted, Single Origin, Specialty Coffee Fresh Brewed 

Pre-made or Custom Pies

Choose one of our pre-made ice cream pies from our display case 


Pick any one or two of your favorite flavors to create a delicious custom pie. 

​Espresso Based 

Acai Bowls

Acai, granola, banana, and your choice of 2 other fruits, topped with honey 

Fruit selection Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwi, Pineapple, Raspberries, Blackberries, (Fruit may vary)

Add on Chia seed, Coconut, Peanut butter, and Almond butter 

Awesome Oreo Sundae

Three scoops of Ice Cream lined with Oreo cookies, topped with marshmallow sauce, hot fudge, whipped cream, cookie crunch and a cherry 

Loxahatchee Shop

7070 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd. 

Loxahatchee FL. 33470                       (Located in the Publix Plaza Suite 2)


Ice Cream Float 

Pick any Flavor of our delicious Ice Cream to float in your choice of soda.

(Root Beer, Orange, Coke, Dt. Coke)

Loxahatchee Ice Cream Company

Frozen Treats 

(Pre made, available in display case)  

Brownie Pop-Brownie sliced in half filled with Ice Cream, dipped in hard shell chocolate. 

Ice Cream Cannoli's- Cannoli shells, stuffed with our delicious ice cream garnished with sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate chips. 

Bon Bons- bit size ice cream balls, covered in chocolate hard shell. .